Our home watch service consists of customized property inspections (interior and exterior) with detailed reports sent via email using our home watch software.  Reports include a date/time stamp, comments, thermostat readings and photographs, if needed. In addition to your emailed reports, a record of our visits is kept at your home. 

There are NO complicated, convoluted packages - just a set price per visit . Please call us for rates in your area.  We provide watch of properties in the towns of Brewster, Chatham, Harwich (excluding West Harwich) and Orleans. 

Home watch visits include (but are not limited to):
  • Inspect exterior/perimeter for anything unusual: signs of break-in, damage to roof, solicitations, mail and newspapers, outdoor showers and sheds.
  • Check mailbox and dispose of junk mail. Forward legitimate mail upon request.
  • Report on work done by landscapers, carpenters, etc. and monitor driveway snow levels so that fuel delivery trucks can access your property.
  • Monitor exterior lights and replace bulbs if necessary.
  • Inspect all rooms with an eye towards water leaks and/or mold and mildew.
  • Open refrigerator and freezer to look for perishables and check temperature.
  • Look for evidence of pest infestation especially in kitchen, garage and basement.
  • Ensure all windows, doors and bulkheads are locked.
  • Observe heating, dehumidifier and AC functionality, and fuel levels.

Other services we offer to our contracted clients include but are not limited to:

Storm Prep and Response: check your home after a storm.

Key Holder for Contractors/Service Providers: unlock/lock your home for deliveries, repairs, and other appointments.

Pre-arrival and Post-departure Requests: raise/lower heat, turn on/off water and water heater, etc.

Interior Plant Care

Start and run cars

Refer a contractor or service provider if needed: we work with many reputable companies on the Lower Cape who we call upon for repair or service work.
However, we DO NOT act as general contractors or mark up the prices on any work you contract with them.  

Ready to sign up? Call 774-251-3015 to schedule an appointment. We will visit you at your home to discuss our services and pricing in detail. We will answer your questions, fill out our intake form and pick up a key. Not on Cape? No problem - we can make arrangements over the phone and via our online Service Agreement!